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Post by Admin on Wed Sep 23, 2015 2:40 am

Ethereal Hounds are a pvp guild down to its core
we are from EU and we will be if the times comes a guild that aims to dominate and rise in ranks!
I aim to be a leader not a boss i want everybody to have fun together with us and everybody to feel a part of our family!

We in general is a dedicated pvp guild that was and hopefully will again consist of members that will respect and like each other,that will be able to work together in order to achieve our goals as a team

Of course a good guild needs people and that is why we are Pre-recruiting whoever wants to believe in us and is willing to work with us we are looking for members who will have:

  Commitment to playing their characters and try to be the best of them
  People who have determination and the will to learn from each other in order to get better
  People who will to lead on their own and show their skills
  People who can act maturely and not as kids
  People that will be able to communicate with each and every member in our guild we dont care about baby sitting or personal vendetas that stuff are not acceptable,of course that doesnt mean we dont accept fun talking or humor we have...a lot.
  We want Active people who will be in the guild when they are needed
  We want people that will be willing to hunt down others (what else can be the meaning of pvp)
  People who are willing to go for sieges,we will aim high even for a castle
  People who are willing to go for raids,fishing,hunting (those stuff are needed and they are also fun)

In our guild as it was and i intend to keep doing is that the dedication and skills of a player as a leader will make you one of the officers we do admire the ability of people who show exceptional potential among the members, that will never go unnoticed.

What we aim the most in our guild is to have a good community of players good people that will be able to live with each other and cooperate in order to make a nice community it is required for us to act civilized therefor respect among the members is a must!,and ofc to follow the rules

Small edit:We will be playing on EU as a main and In RU when its released (If i have access to the second close beta i will update because i will be deffenatly be playing for whoever is interested)

Also we will be using coms like Raidcall and skype group of which i added details in the forum

In game rules

If you wish to join our clan you must fulfill the following
1)You must be able to cooperate with your team and listen what your superiors are saying to you,
misbehavior or failure to comply to your orders without a good reason is instant kick.
2)You must be able to communicate with English (perfect English is not required but it is necessary in order for the clan to be able to understand each other)

3)It is essential for you to be 18 and over.Due to our in gaming and online mmorpg's experience in the past and due to the immaturity we saw by younger members in previous clans we decided to add an age limit.
We consider that at this age and over a person is able to show more understanding and act much less selflessly.

4)In order to become a strong clan since we want to spend time to this game and become greater and greater we decided by vote(among the leaders)
that the inactivity limit will be up to 3 weeks after that the person will be kicked instantly
(time limit might change).
This rule will not apply if the member informs a leader or another member that can inform the leader/s.

This game is based a lot in crafting so we decided that each member is necessary to have at least one job/profession in the game,the following are required
(if they are implemented in the game,if more are added in the game and they are necessary we might add some for you to choose)

  Weapon Smithing
  Armor Smithing
  Castle Weapon Smithing

(more jobs might be added)
7)YOU HAVE to be able to be on the teamspeak to at least listen to the team i want to create unity among the members so i EXPECT you to be able to at least get on team speak

more details here


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