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Application of Wimbfin

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Application of Wimbfin

Post by wimbfin on Wed Oct 21, 2015 3:56 am

Hello so i am Wimbfin i played black desert on the korean version alot and now started russian version im level 45 tamer and in love with the game
i saw the post on reddit and got all exited i want to find a big guild that focuses on the pvp aspect of the game thats abaut the only thing i have not tryed in this game also raids Smile

1)Where are you from (Finland)

2)what is your real name?. Wink

3)How good is your English? i can perfectly understand english and speak it all tho you will here the finnish accent

4)how old are you?(25)

5)Which class will you play?(Tamer-Blader)

6)what in game job/s you currently have or you are about to start? (Fishing also i can make alot of fishing boats and will learn cooking and weaponsmith)

7)what is your ingame name?(family name is Wimbfin and character name is Wimble)

8)are you a student? a worker?(none atm)

9)how many hours a day can you or do you currently play ?(i dont work atm or go to school so alot )

10)Do you get angry over a game easy? and if yes how much and by what reasons?(no rage here)

11)What do you prefer the most? (PVP + PVE)

12)what would you like to see in a guild,how would you like a guild to work?(alot of fun times make friends and also to be the BEST)

13)Do you like teamplay and cooperation,are you willing to cooperate with your team and learn together new stuff and strategies with us?(yes yes and yes)

14)Do you have the patience to keep working with us ? even if sometimes it might be hard since the competition in the game will be very big?(yea i do )

15)Can you stream/record gameplay?(i do stream games sometimes but not a full time streamer)

16)Any questions you might have for us?(well one is that do you guys have alot of drama in the guild ? i have had bad experiences with guilds that has alot of drama going on and i just dont enjoy it that much )

also sry my bad writing skills Wink


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Re: Application of Wimbfin

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:11 am

You are accepted ^^ my in game family name is Helsiiing and my name is Arucard! i will be glad to see you in game also make sure you come on the team speak thank you  ! Smile

Also no we have no drama we hate that and i do anything to avoid it,its even in the guild rules

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